Looking back at the Oracle Forms 12c event organized by Contribute(28/01/2016)

Looking back at the Oracle Forms 12c event organized by Contribute(28/01/2016)
Jan 29, 2016 by Gert Poel

The title of the Contribute event/seminar was "Oracle Forms 12c: Built to last".
Indeed, Forms is built to last.  It has been around for over 20 years and it's added to Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c, which is supported until 2023.

Oracle Forms is still running at a lot of Belgian companies looking at the turnout.


Topics were:

- Weblogic and Forms 12c infrastructure(Tom Verraes-Contribute)
- Oracle Cloud and Oracle Forms in the Oracle Cloud(Filip Huysmans-Contribute and Jan Leemans-Oracle)
- Oracle Forms Modernization and Integration(Gert Poel-Contribute)
- Modern User Interface and User Experience(Filip Huysmans-Contribute)

After the welcome message, Tom Verraes gave an overview of the Weblogic and Forms configuration and the new features at the server side: new deployment options, applet parameters, ...

Filip Huysmans demonstrated how to setup an Oracle Forms environment in the Oracle cloud and Jan Leemans of Oracle Belgium explained what the general Oracle Cloud options are and how Oracle Forms would fit in.

After a short break I presented on Forms Modernization and Integration.  Not a really new topic, but there are still a few forms customers not knowing that a forms application can look good and integrate/interact with other applications.
One of the coolest features from 11g was Javascript integration and this became the most discussed one during and after the presentations.   Browsers not supporting the Java plugin anymore and even Oracle removing it from Java 9, this is going to be a real problem for some Forms customers who are using Javascript in the page surrounding the Java applet. From 12c it's possible to run forms out of the browser, but without Javascript and Single-Sign-on.

After my presentation Filip talked about User Interface and User experience and how this could fit in an Oracle Forms application.  

Interesting day with great discussions.