Summer Of Technology 2017

Summer Of Technology 2017
Jun 26, 2017 by Gert Poel

Every year in summer there is the "Summer Of Technology"(SoT), a series of free workshops organized by Contribute.
And yes, this year it's not different.  From next week on there will be several seminars and workshops on different technology topics.  From development over IoT, AI, to blockchain, design and a lot more.

The workshops are held at the Cronos site in Kontich, Belgium.

The SoT starts with "Fullstack JEE Development in één enkel framework"(Dutch).  
A full day about fullstack development in Oracle Application Development Framework(Oracle ADF).

At the end of the summer(August 31) I'll be presenting, together with my colleague Jan Van Raemdonck, a session about smart front- and back-end development.
In one day we will be see how one can build a performant back-end on the Oracle Database, expose it as REST services and build a nice User Interface with Orace JET(JavaScript Extension Toolkit).
If you're interested in one of those or both technologies(database development and JavaScript development), don't hesitate to register for our session(Dutch).
Slim front- en back-end development

I hope you'll all enjoy a great summer(of technology)!